Ellisse Lever Two Group Espresso Machine

Ellisse Lever Two Group Espresso Machine




It comes into the world a new quality standard for espresso coffee machines: Ellisse is launched into the market. Bezzera, the company which invented the espresso coffee machine, has created a stunning new line. Highly innovative for both design and function, the Ellisse line sets a new benchmark for quality.

A new design, an exclusive style: beauty is never meaningless. In fact, with the Ellisse line beauty is magnificent. Three years of research and design have produced a unique, visually striking shape, which gives Bezzera the first place. No other espresso machine can make the same style statement in your establishment. A choice of colours enhances the elegance.

The Ellisse line combines all the best of Bezzera’s traditional espresso machines with the finest modern design. For almost one hundred years Bezzera has kept up with her reputation about strength and reliability. From this unique tradition, the Ellisse line has been produced in three ranges, with one, two, or three group versions in each range. One of the Ellisse models will surely meet the most exacting needs.


Very easy to use. No need to fit a booster pump, because the water pressure controls the lever to produce a perfect cup of coffee every time.
• Electric heating system
• Gas heating system
• Automatic stop of heating element in case of lack of water in the Boiler
• On request: automatic water supply into the boiler 
• Thermocompensated groups.

• Stainless steel aisi 304 body


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