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sawasOur company was established in 1935 in Syria and got industrial register no. /39/ in the field of baking machines, kitchen equipment and central kitchen fittings, and then we started to expand in kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1970. In 1996, the development journey started in United Arab Emirates where, by Godspeed and help, we became of the pioneers in kitchen equipment industry and trade through the five branches and factory of our company in United Arab Emirates/Dubai – Sharqeh/, as well as our branches and factories in Syria/Aleppo – Damascus/ through the high experience and wise leadership which the board enjoy head by Mr. Mohammed Sawas and his two sons; Asaad and Shadi Sawas. Also we are proud to offer qualified staff with a high level of experience in the fields of manufacture, sale, distribution and customers’ service which are considered of the main principles followed by our company to be one of the internationally pioneer companies through presenting services to our decent customers’. Moreover we offer our respected dealer a team specialized in the study and execution of engineering planning’s, the technical consultations required for tourism foundations. What increases our pride is that we obtained agencies for the strongest European, American and Asian marks worldwide, in addition to our continuous care to develop and spread so as to reach our decent dealers throughout Arab nation. So, we are insisted to open new branches of our company in more than one Arab country out of which /Qatar – Oman Sultanate/ and we always seek to work to develop our national industries and enrich them with advance technologies in order to upgrade them to the highest levels in terms of good quality, durability and competing prices to reach thereby the global level through our dealers rust which we get by providing the best services to our current and future dealers whom we consider the basis of our development and success.

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